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  • A COMPLETE ODOR NEUTRALIZER. Destroys complex odors such as smoke, stale food, pet odors , mildew , tobacco and medical marijuana in confined spaces the 3oz bottle make it great while traveling use it on Tobacco Smoke in Hotel Rooms and Rental Cars , Boat and Camper Portable Toilets Musty Smells in Tents and Sleeping Bags and many other natural odors
  • MAKE ODORS DISAPPEAR - Uses proprietary solution to eliminate / remove odors -- will not mask them! ONE Odor Neutralizer is effective at removing odors from stale foods , burnt toast , pets, bathrooms, kitchens, musty or moldy basements, smoke, and bacterial odors will not leave behind any fragrance
  • SIMPLY MIST- ONE Odor Neutralizer odor neutralizer upwards in the air to remove unwanted odors . Permanently remove all odors caused by smoke, pets, food, mildew
  • COMES IN CONVENIENT- 3oz. bottle environmentally friendly non-aerosol pump bottle, Great to carry in car glove box. 100% Natural. Non-toxic, Non-allergenic, biodegradable. MADE IN THE USA
  • Order yours today and say good bye to those bad odors